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Homeschool Tracker Plus

My oldest son was in second grade when I purchased Homeschool Tracker Plus software to keep track of my homeschool records. I live in Missouri where we are required to keep track of our homeschool hours. After struggling with inadequate homeschool software for six months, I downloaded the FREE Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition. After just a couple of weeks, I upgraded to the paid (Plus) version because of its ease of use and awesome features.

My oldest son is now in tenth grade, and I am still using Homeschool Tracker Plus (HST+) software! Want to know why?


Attendance and hours tracking

HST+ keeps track of my kids’ attendance and school hours brilliantly. Whether the kids put in only a half-day, take a sick day (or have a doctor’s appointment), participate in team sports, take co-op classes, or just put in a few extra hours of reading for pleasure during the weekend, HST+ handles it all.


Easy lesson planning

KONOS lesson plan

HST+ makes it easy to create lesson plans and assign lessons to my children. And since I’m using Homeschool Tracker Plus, I can save lesson plans to reuse later with my younger children! That feature has been such a blessing to me. Oh – HST+ allows me to export my lesson plans to share with others, and to import lesson plans from others as well. So instead of typing over 30 weeks of lessons for Math-U-See Geometry, I can download the lesson plan and import it into my HST+ software. Sweet!


Gorgeous report cards and transcripts

Need a report card so that your child can get a free video game rental or baseball game ticket for good grades like his public school counterparts? Have no fear, Homeschool Tracker Plus is here! Print your report card, and proudly hand it to the store clerk. And when you need a transcript for college, you can create one with just a few clicks. Seriously!


The best customer service in existence!

Whether via email, live chat or the Discussion Group, you can be sure that you will get answers to your questions. And the other HST+ users aren’t slouches, either! The Homeschool Tracker community is wonderful about assisting other users.


Homeschool Tracker Plus, the ultimate homeschool planner

HST+ meets so many other homeschool record keeping needs, such as:

  • Courses with weighted grading
  • Field trips
  • Reading log
  • Scope and sequence
  • Library items
  • Student activities and achievements
  • And so much more!

Disclosure: The links to the Homeschool Tracker website in this blog post contain my affiliate link, therefore I may receive a commission if you purchase the software through my link. Whether or not you use my link, visit the Homeschool Tracker website today to find out if this software is right for your family!

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